Championship Youth Wrestling

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed while others fail? 97% of the population is destined to fail and only the Top 3% will truly succeed.

Look around you, you can see the 97% taking the short cuts, taking the easy way out. There is opportunity for the Top 3% because the 97% do not have the “Need” to be successful.

The reality is that 97% of the people are going to fail at whatever it is they are going to do. Or maybe they are not going to necessarily fail but they are not going to achieve that top level. State Champions are Top 3%ers. It’s the top 3% that get the college scholarships. It is the top 3% that get that great job coming out of college. And so many people wish they were in the top 3%, wish they were able t get that varsity spot. They wish they were able to get that job, they wished that they got that scholarship. But there is a big difference between a wish, a want, and a need.

When ever I am in a gathering of wrestlers and I see someone giving a speech that asks; Who wants to be a champion? Those that wish to be a champion raise their hands first. But the guys that raise their hand the first are usually the guys that wish to be a state champion. The guys that usually are a little bit slower to raise their hand are the guys that actually think about the question, they think about what does it take to be a state champion, what does it take to get that scholarship.

My personal belief is that we as human beings are capable of anything. We are capable of achieving any level we want to achieve. We just have to do it and you know I would like to say success leaves clues. If you want to be a state champion find three or four state champions, find out what they did and do what they did and you will most likely become a state champion. If you want to get a college scholarship for wrestling or for football or for academics, find three or four people that have done that, find the commonalities between them and do that. I mean you are going to have the anomaly where a kid happens to luck into scholarship or somebody gets injured on the team and somebody else gets thrown into the varsity spot. That’s not really earning it, that’s not really achieving that as a success.

That’s really having a lucky circumstance and to be honest with you luck, is when preparation meets opportunity. You will get lucky if you are prepared to capitalize on the luck when it happens. But the real point is that you have got to be willing to be the top 3%, and how do you that? Well a number of things, when you are in the wrestling room and you are working out and the coach says to do 20 pushups, you have got to do 20 pushups. Not only do you need to do 20 pushups, you need to do 25 pushups. Not only do you need to 25 pushups, you need to do 25 perfect pushups. You need to do it when your arms are burning and your lungs are hurting and you are tired and you are dripping of sweat and you just do not think you’ve got it, you have got to do it then, that’s the 3%.

If you look around the room you will easily find the guys that are just bobbing their head and have their arms half bent and have their backs bent or their butts in the air, that’s the 97%. Do you want to be the 97% or do you want to be the top 3%. It is a direct decision that you have to make. One of the big things about being in the top 3% is what you do when nobody is looking. When I say that what do you do when coach tells you, okay we have got a holiday break, you guys need to be running, you guys need to be working out at home, you know what do you do over that break. You sit and watch TV and hang out with your friends and go to the mall or do you get up in the morning and get your three mile run in.

Do you do sit-ups and pushups on your own? Do you shadow wrestle in the yard or up in the school or in your room, you know what are you doing to give that extra, to be that top 3% because somebody, somebody is doing those things and you don’t know when you are going to run into them. You may run into them at a local tournament, you may run into them at a national tournament, you may run into them at the state qualifier, sectionals, regionals, or you may run into them at state or they may bump you out of a spot for your high school team or your college team. You don’t know when you are going to run into that guy and you really want to be that guy. You really need to be that guy, you don’t wish to be that guy.

You want to be that guy and you need to be that guy. Now for me the difference between a want and a need is the determination to make it happen. If you want to be the top 3% then you have got to know what it takes to be the top 3%, you’re going to have looked at the guys that have done it before, you know the people that have done it before and this is the same holds true with a job with getting good grades, with getting that varsity spot, with getting that college scholarship, its all the same. Find people that have had done it and do what they do, that is the one.

The need is when you start sacrificing things to make that happen. What are you willing to give up to make that happen and to be honest with you I don’t think most people are willing to give up any thing. We as people have grown lazy mentally and physically and we say, yeah I want to be a state champion but you know we got a birthday party we got to go to this weekend so I am not going to be able to go to the event. I am not going to be able to do any extra on Sunday because I got to, I got to do some things around the house, I have you know some home work to catch up on. Everybody has that.

Everyone has a life outside wrestling with a job, kids, a wife, kids sports, a yard to mow. Realize that we all have that. There is nobody that has any more hours in a day. God did not give somebody 27 hours and gave the rest of us 24 hours. It is up to us what we do with the 24 hours in a day we have been given. Try to sit down and write a list of everything you did in a 24 hour period. I bet you could only account for 12 to 18 hours in a day.

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